Thursday, July 16, 2009

Removing Dangerous Toxic Metals From Our Bodies

Citrus Pectin combined with alginates on the positive clinical outcome of several patients.
Using MCP combined with alginates evolved out of successful clinical trials of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) alone, after it had proved effective in selectively removing toxic metals and (most importantly) not affecting the body's essential minerals. MCP and alginates (derived from kelp seaweed) is an improved formulation for a more effective binding and removal of toxic metals, without side effects and the risk of toxin re-absorption and redistribution in the body.

MCP is considered safe and well tolerated.
Dosages range from 6 to 30 grams per day
in divided dosages; a typical dose is 5 grams
three times daily.

is the link to this work.


I was listening to Beth Moore interviewed on Christian TV today. She was asked why she thought God healed some people from addictions instantly, and others over time? She said something that I think applies to all of our lives. She said it depended upon what God would teach us. If he wants to show us his supremacy, he will do something immediate and if he wants to show us his sufficiency, he provides little by little (daily bread). I have sought God for years to heal Jessica from autism. I believe nothing is impossible for him, he is supreme! But God has shown me he is also sufficient. The only time I get into trouble is when I think too much about tomorrow. But God is so sufficient to help us every day. I know this very well.