Wednesday, August 27, 2008

He has heard my cry

I gave Jessica a shower this morning. This afternoon her hair was all shiny and curly. Where did she get all these curls? Her hair was so straight when she was a child?
What can I say about Jessica now that she is home from America? She is sweet, happy but still autistic. Have I given up hope of her being healed? No, I still have hope. Did I ever write about the time Sarah was begging Juergen to go swimming? Sarah is my 5 year old adopted daughter from China. She really wanted to go swimming. She was a little tired. She needed a nap. So she keeps begging Juergen to take her swimming. He says "maybe later" (he is hoping she will take a nap first). She gets in this broken record mode, she can not stop asking. She is crying, "Please Papa"!!! Crying and begging. Finally Juergen says "OK". But she is stuck, and can not stop begging. I go to her and say "Sarah Papa said yes". "Sarah, go get your suit because he said yes". Even as I say these words I hear the Holy Spirit speak to me. I hear the words, "Amy, I said yes"! I feel like I prayed, I begged. God said yes and I need to figure out how I can "go get my suit", or wait to receive Jessica’s healing. Any way, I feel like I am not supposed to keep begging...he has heard my cry!


gail elizabeth said...

Dear Amy,
I have been reading about your family and life with your autistic daughter, Jessica. My heart goes out to you. I also have a disabled child, Chris, who has cerebal palsy with moderate developmental slowness. Much of what you write about reminds me of myself many years ago. (Chris just turned 40) I prayed so long and so fervently for a healing for Chris and when it didn't happen like I thought it should, I even began to lose faith that there was a God. It wasn't until years later that God, in His infinite mercy, revealed to me the special plan He has for my son's life and showed me just how "perfect" my child is. There is so much more I would love to share with you about this "journey" with a child who is disabled. Maybe we can email. Your blog so eloquently tells of your love for God, family, and Jessica and is a blessing to me and I'm sure many others who follow it. Thank you. I have put Jessica on my prayer list. May our infinitely merciful and just Lord also show you His perfect plan for Jessica, and may He answer the cries of your heart regarding healing for her.
God bless you and your family.
Gail in Seattle

Dianna said...

Amy I am really glad that you know that God will heal Jessica. what you should do is thank him for that it will happen. I know that Jess will call me on the phone and say Hello. Just continue to thank him. it will happen. I love you your sis Dianna