Thursday, April 02, 2009

Autism day


Every day is autism day for us. I forgot that today was International autism day. I wish there was no need for such a day. I wish the kids were all healthy. But today I kissed my girl, and I loved her just as much as I always do. She reminds me life is a gift. Her smile is a gift. Her laugh is a gift. I may never have a conversation with Jessica this side of heaven, but I'm willing to wait. I can not imagine any sound in heaven being half as sweet as the voices of the children who spent their days in silence. It will be a time for me to be silent...I wouldn't want to miss a single word.

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Ellie said...

Oh, Amy, this made me tear up! I couldn't agree more! I have a brother with severe CP who is non-verbal. Cannot wait for the day I see him singing and dancing in Heaven!

I found your blog because I first found your adoption blog (we have an adopted child from Thailand, and another on the way).

Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts on Autism. I am thoroughly enjoying reading!