Monday, April 26, 2010

No autism in her eyes

Last night I watched a you tube video about autism awareness. There was a very simple message. A baby was playing (normal baby) and the parents said “we never saw autism in his eyes, we never thought anything could be wrong”. And all of a sudden I was struck by a wave of grief. It knocked me down. I sobbed uncontrollably for 20 mins or more. It was like a post traumatic stress reaction. I thought I was past it. I thought I had cried all my tears. The truth is it was all there…as real as it was when Jessica was 2 and lost her voice. I had done a good job hiding it all away in a room…and locking the door but the door opened up and I was paralyzed by the pain. To be honest, I am going to clean up the mess and lock it all away again. I know its there but I’m powerless to change the past. I can only walk today. My hope is in God who has the power to heal and save. I hope He will heal my beautiful girl (she will turn 19 years old at the end of he summer). Even if He does not heal Jessica I have hope in heaven. There are no tears in heaven and there is no autism. God only gives me the grace to walk today. The past is sad, and paralyzing. I can not bear the weight of it. I do not deny it’s there, but I walk away from it. My hope is found in my God who holds my hand. Nothing can keep me from loving Jessica. She is my joy, and I do not see autism in her eyes…I see perfection!

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