Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maybe a new school for Jess

I took Jessica to an Autism workshop in Heidelberg today. They are in the process of moving closer to us. The place was chaotic because of the move. I had a hard time telling if it was anything for Jessica. The people are nice, but the place it's self was a mess. I'll be able to see the new location in a few weeks. Today Jessica wouldn't even get out of the car. Not a chance! So we just have to wait and see what the new location looks like. The 4 other autistic people there were men. There are more men with autism then women. And I'm not sure how Jessica would be with this situation? And how would they protect her from any potential abuse? You don't want to think anything could happen, but she is a non verbal female in a male world. I would need very good over sight. I'm not 100% sold. The place was honestly a mess. That is most likely because they are moving, but maybe not? So I'm not going to hold my breath. We also have another situation not far from us that we can look at.

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