Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pot holes and Pits

Yesterday I had the privilege of being the inspirational speaker for 50 University students from Pepperdine University , and about 10 of their teachers. They are in Heidelberg on a student study abroad program. I shared with them a few lessons I have learned from Josephs life (Gen 37-50). 1. The first thing I said was that know one was safe from falling into a pit (having a very big problem).Joseph was the favorite son, he was very well provided for, and still he ended up as a slave,and then as a prisoner. I never expected to see my first born child suffer so much. Autism has been a pit for Jessica, and for me. But know one is safe from a pit! 2. Even though it looks like Joseph never knew he would ever be free from his prison, he was still very faithful with both his natural gifts, and his spiritual gifts. So often I've wanted to use my daughter's sickness as an excuse for doing nothing.I finally know God does not require me to keep up with the Jones, or Smiths, or anyone! He does require me to take a good look at my own personal gifting, both natural and supernatural, and be faithful with what He has given me. Jessica is no excuse for laziness! 3. Finally I have learned not to lose my faith in a pit. Joseph had every reason to be angry at God. When he was called to interpit the dream of Pharaoh, He was still trusting God, and was very clear to say that his power came from God. I can tell you I could not make it without Gods help. God is my help, my hope, my wisdom, and my joy. Too many people curse God even when they hit a pot hole, and lose their faith in a pit. You need God in a pit.

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