Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The value of life

When I was in College I took an ethics class. We debated about abortion, and what makes a life valuable.I would say a good 70 % of the class said they would easily decide to get an abortion if they knew the child they carried(or their girl friend carried) had a birth defect. I argued all life has value. I don't believe abortion is ok! Jessicas autism has had a profound impact upon my life. I would never have chosen her autism. If I could see her healed, I would be very happy. Still, I never would have chosen abortion. As hard as it has been parenting Jessica, she is worth the world! There is no person to equal her as a teacher. I am a totally different person because she is my daughter. I think a perfect world does not produce perfect people. We become compassionate with practice.

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ajoy said...

God bless you for your faith.