Monday, April 03, 2006

folding boxes

Last week Jessica did a short internship at a workshop for disabled people. At first she seemed really anxious to go. I often think she is board, and wants to get out and try new things. As the week progressed, she slept worse and worse. I guess it was hard for her to process all these new experiences. Her teacher was with her everyday. She really needs a full time helper. I think all she did was to fold boxes. Not exactly what I had dreamed my first born child would be doing, folding boxes with full time help! I guess I should give more thought to her future. Personally, the thought of planning her future is depressing. I just can not do it. I have found I can only handle things as they come. I am sure when I must have direction, God will give it to me. Today I can handle, and today she is a bit board. For me this is a good sign that she wants to grow. Every little bit of growth is a cause for celebration. Today is good!

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ajoy said...

"HE" holds our hands and leads us...step by step.