Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jessica is sick today

Poor Jessica hasn't been able to keep any food down all day. Her sister, Nicole is also sick. It seems Nicole never gets as sick as Jess does. I remember when they both got the chicken pox’s. Nicole felt ill for a half a day. She got maybe two pox’s. Jess was sick for weeks, and was covered from head to toe with pox’s. The worst part was that she had many pox’s in her diaper area. Every time she would pee her diaper it would sting! She would fall asleep, and then wake up screaming because her poor bottom hurt so badly! Finally we had to take her to the hospital emergency room. On the way to the hospital I remember Juergen and I's conversation. We were basically mad at God. Why did Jessica, who already got everything else badly, also have to get this normal childhood disease badly? Why couldn't Nicole get the chickenpox’s badly, and let poor Jessica alone for once? We just didn't didn't understand why one child could be so blessed and her sister seem so cursed. Not that we wish curses on Nicole...but you know what I mean? Anyway, after Jessica recovered from chicken poxs we saw a pretty good developmental surge in her. I read later that sometimes a strong case of chicken pox’s can cause an increase in brain development. So I am trying to believe that maybe I just don't know everything! I realized that God does things much better then I would!

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