Sunday, January 28, 2007

Spilled Soda

This morning I had a dream. in my dream we were in a hotel room,probably in China. We are in the process of adopting a 4 year old girl from China and hope to travel soon. Juergen had laid some important documents on the coffee table,and under the table. Unfortunately, there was also a bottle of soda on the table. Jessica poured the soda into a glass. I watched her nervously. She did this fine,but when she laid the bottle back on the table it spilled all over the important papers. Then these words came to my mind... In a normal family, if you put soda near important papers that soda will spill 60% of the time. If you put soda near important papers in our family it will spill 100% of the time!
So what could I learn from this dream?
1. We must be careful 100% of the time! We must always lock the front door so Jessica won't just walk out. We must always lock the kitchen so Jessica does not eat stuff she can not eat. We always have to hold her hand near a street. We must be diligent 100% of the time!
2. This being careful or diligent makes a person tired. We need help! We must have good teachers, and good babysitters, friends and family to help us.
3. Finally, we must learn to not kick ourselves when accidents happen (and they will). You can get angry, sad, you can beat yourself up, kick the dog, yell at your kid or your husband. I have learned to pick up a towel, and try to clean up the soda. I also learn not to put soda near important papers!

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