Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My teacher, my child

It's been a while since I've written on Jessica's blog. It's summer vacation. I try to post every day on my other blogs...but run out of steam for this blog. I'm a little emotional today. We are taking a short trip to Juergen's parents house this weekend (about 5 hours by car). It should be a wonderful family gathering. We are celebrating Jessica's grandmothers 70Th birthday. I would be totally happy, but grandma is sick. She has brain tumors taking over her brain, and she can know longer have surgery. I don't really know how often I will be taking this trip North. The kids (our 5 kids) are too stressful for Juergen's mom. I've been really sad at the idea of not having much more time together. I don't want to be all sad at the party, so I'm trying to cry's not hard, the tears are right there.
I just re read the last post I wrote about Jessica and loss. Some how the reality that this is all grass helps me. Beautiful but fading...

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