Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Crying over the loss

Last night I was waiting up late while Juergen picked our daughter Nicole up from school. Her class had gone to a theater, and she was coming home at midnight (late for our 13year old). I was watching CNN just waiting. There was a news story about Andrew Wakefield, a British Dr who made a possible connection with the MMR vaccination and Autism. There were dozens of parents with Autistic children standing in support of Doctor Wakefield and his team. They wore t-shirts that read 1 in 100, symbolising the very large number of children affected by autism in the UK. All of a sudden I began to weep. I remembered the day I signed the vaccination release form, authorizing the 5 vaccinations in one day that pushed Jessica over the edge into this dark world called autism. It kills me that she was "normal", and then she was not. It hurts so bad that her sickness may have been preventable. You could never explain the deep loss I feel. She is almost 16 years old and needs full time care. She still wears diapers, and can not cross a street alone. I'm grateful for her smile, and her laugh. I am happy she is alive, but some times the weight of the loss hits me hard. All I can do is cry. God picks me up and starts to carry me once more. It is only in light of eternity any of this makes sense. We are all grass, and the flowers of the field. We wilt very fast. Why do I hold so dearly the flowers that are wilting?

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