Thursday, April 03, 2008

After the parade has gone by

As I watched all the coverage CNN gave to Autism yesterday, I was amazed. I don't think I've ever seen them cover any subject (apart from the election) quit so well. Really, it was amazing. I'm sure many people, who had no idea about Autism learned allot. That is wonderful. But today I feel like someone left to pick up the paper and spilled popcorn after the parade has past by. I just changed Jessica's stinky diaper. She may be more understood by more people (that is very good) but she is still sick. The world may take notice of our kids one time per year, but we fight this battle every day. I have to be honest, I wish she was not Autistic. I wish I could say I did not understand this need so very well! But I do understand it. I simply need to gather my courage up, and just keep walking. I know (sadly) I am not alone. Million’s of other families all around this world are also scraping the gum off the side walk today. We serve our kids. It was nice the world stopped and took notice. None of us are doing this for the attention any way. It is a labor of love. I truly love my girl!


Momtofour said...

Amy, I always feel the same way whenever it is Autism Awareness Day. I think about how others can watch a program, read an article, and think about autism and how hard it is on families just for THAT day, or sometimes even just for that hour. Then they go to bed, wake up the next morning and go back to their "normal" life, and we are still living autism. I sometimes don't watch the programs or read the articles, because somehow they just frustrate me... people who call themselves "experts" trying to talk about what we live EVERY SINGLE DAY. Anyway, I am so happy about your blog, and Jessica gives me SO much hope for my Abby who is also nonverbal. We just got an AAC device for her and we are in the beginning stages of its use, so I really hope it can be a tool for Abby to let us know what is in her head. I know there is so much in her head!

sb said...


I am a newer reader of your blog and this was my "first" Autism Awareness Day. My 7 year old, adopted at 5.5, has been diagnosed on the sprectrum. We are struggling with English and school and daily living. Therapy is helping some, and reading about those going before us helps too. Thanks for writing.