Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Some of Jessica's thoughts

Jan 2000

Dear Oma, I want to express family thanks to you. We were currently very much shocked when we found out that you have to leave us. Daddy makes very sad face and mom started to cry. You are such a good person. And also you comfort everyone else. I am worried about opa because he will then be alone.
I was told in religion class that we live on after we die. I was surprised to notice that I am not afraid of death, because then all will be healthy and meet again. Also I will then be without disability. Let us leave anguish behind and plant hope in our hearts.

March 6, 2008 (Jessica's questions in her Religion class at school)

Question: Do large reactions sometimes have to happen to cause betterment of the world? I mean, if desaster times are necessary to make people believe again?

Question: I want to know why God is sad when people disobey [him].

I like to go into the religion class and am considering to be nice and behave well

Question: Can Mr Kamuf tell me if the righ to be a guest on earth must be earned?

[What do you mean by that?]

I mean if we have to earn the new life by virtuous behavior? I am in anguish because I do not know what worthless life of disabled people is supposed to accomplish. I cannot let up being watchfull.

[What do you mean?]

I mean, why do bad hearts have to wait for heaven time and are not punished on earth? I am very thankful for these conversations and will try to behave.

Mr. Kamuf [the religion teacher] has respectfully given me comfort. I can bear autistic disability better now. We will tell him that he has to come again and talk to us.

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Heather said...

What a great view Jessica has on Oma's death, to consider her Oma healed, and yet still be worried about Opa. Shows such love that she can't just say out loud.
Heather BT