Saturday, June 19, 2010


A friend sent me something about the ipad being a great tool for autistic kids. Jessica can write, but she doesn't do it much. The ipad has an application that generates voice. I'm not sure if we can get Jessica to work with it. I also wonder if they have this software in German? We live in Germany and most everyone we know speaks German. Jessica understands English and German. I imagine she could write in English, but German is the language she mostly writes in. The video is of an autistic girl that began to write, and it changed her whole life. We have not been able to get Jess to write at home. She does write with a few teachers, not just one. I'm anxious to try the ipad with her. Perhaps it could help unlock the treasure that is Jessica!

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Amy said...

Very cool video!! I just shared it on my Facebook!!