Sunday, July 23, 2006

egg salad

Jessica has always liked to have lotion rubbed on her skin. Maybe it's the smell she likes? I think it's the texture! When she was younger she would take her diaper off and smear her poop all over herself (and the walls and the sheets). She graduated to toothpaste. We had to lock up the toothpaste or we would find her covered from head to toe with the stuff. All I could say is, tooth paste is much nicer to clean then poop! This morning Jessica found something new to add to her spa treatment. I had bought some very good egg salad with turkey for my husband Juergen. He coveted the egg salad. He would only let our son Philip eat a very small amount at breakfast this morning! Jessica found the egg salad, and I found Jessica covered with it! Poor Juergen! What a loss!!! It is interesting to note, there wasn't much egg salad on the floor. It must have been too good to waste!

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