Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today she said Woody!!!

Hi, today Jess was at her weekly acupuncture appointment. As you know, She has been receiving acupuncture since May. It is an amazing thing that she will sit in a chair for one hour, and let the Dr. Stick her with 20+ needles. She watches Disney movies on a portable DVD player. I have been training her to wear earphones when she uses her DVD player. She hates stuff on her head, but will wear the earphones now. Anyway, she was watching Toy Story. She first was saying “pig, pig!!” This is not a new word for her. Then she started to say “Woody”! Now this is new!!! She is 14 years old, and may never be “normal”, (call me crazy but I am still hoping for a miracle). I am thanking God for every step forward! Today she said “Woody”!!!

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