Friday, July 21, 2006

The weather is hot in Germany. I can not stand to cook. We took the kids to McDonald s for dinner.
Jessica is no longer on a GFCF diet. We sat outside. She sat well at the table, amazingly well! When she was finished eating, she wanted to leave. Her brothers wanted to stay and play. I decided to take her for a short walk. I told Juergen to pick us up on the way home. McDonalds is about 3 miles from our house. Well, Jess wasn't happy to walk at first. I sort of had to drag her. But eventually she seemed happy and proud to be walking home. When Juergen showed up with the car, she didn't want to get in it. She seemed to like the idea of walking home. I tried to get her on the Street car. I thought she wanted to take the streetcar...but no. She actually wanted to walk. So Jessica and I walked home from McDonalds (nearly 3 miles). We stopped at the gas station for a soda. It was pretty hot out. She gulped that down. I am so happy I got her to walk! I wonder if I can get her to do it more often. She doesn't get enough exercise. She is getting a little fat. A 3 mile walk 3 times per week would do us both good!

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