Wednesday, May 10, 2006

first acupuncture treatment

I took Jessica and her adopted brother Philip to the first acupuncture treatment this afternoon. I actually took them last week, but only talked to the doctor then. The doctor was able to give Philip 5 needles in his head, and two in his right foot, and one in his right arm. His right hand is very weak, and he has trouble writing his ABC's (he is a first grader). Jessica got a needle in both her feet, in both her wrists, and one in her head. She was actually pretty calm, and kept holding her arm out to the doctor. It was clear she wanted this treatment. She really wants to get better! We will return next week. It will take a month before we start seeing any clear results, at least this is what the doctor said. I am 100 % amazed at how well it went. I am super proud of Jessica and Philip. They were both so good, and brave.

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