Thursday, May 18, 2006

I think it is working

Jessica had her 2 acupuncture treatment today. She ran into the doctors office. She seemed to want the treatment badly! She was pretty calm waiting for the doctor, who came 30 mins late. She has a portable dvd player, and was watching sesame Street. The doctor finally came, and Jess gave him a hug. He began the treatment just as the batteries on the dvd player ran out. Jessica panicked. I had to hold her down and try to calm her. The doctor was able to do some acupressure first. Then he put these short needles in her feet and hands that can stay in for a few hours. The amazing thing is Jessica kept the needles in. She was so calm all after noon. She even went to bed at a dissent hour. I really feel the acupuncture is helping her feel better.

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