Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Is the bucket half empty or half full?

Tonight around 11pm we hear a crash of water coming from Jessica’s bedroom. I'm downstairs getting Jessica her Melatonin, and Juergen is upstairs in our bedroom. We both rush to see what happen. Jessica has fled the scene of the crime. She is in her sister’s room hiding under the covers. In her bedroom we find a bucket of soapy water I had left in the bathroom. It was spilled all over the floor. Thank God it missed the computer power cord. There was also a big jar of olive oil cream spilled on the floor and the couch. We think Jessica tried to put cream on herself. She spilled the cream, and then had the idea to clean up her mess! She left a bigger mess...but the fact she actually tried to clean up really makes us happy! She is slowly getting better.

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