Monday, October 23, 2006

some of Jessicas writing

Hi, we are getting rid of our old family homepage.I'm posting some of Jessica's writing here. Juergen (Jessica's dad) promises to start translating more soon (Jessica writes in German). Anyway, here is some of her stuff...

Some of Jessica's writings in the 'original German':

Herbstgedicht(first in German then in English)

Der Herbst gräbt Sommerzeit ab

die Blätter werden matt.

Viele Drachen steigen aufr>
Kinder ärgern sich über Regenlauf.
Riesiger gefährlicher Geisterspuk an Halloween

schreckt die Kinder ohnehin.

Verzagt erfasst der Sturm das Haus

keiner will nun mehr hinaus.

Verwegen trotzt der Wald dem Wind

Frau Holle macht das Bett geschwind.

A Fall Poem

The Fall is eating away at Summer time

Leaves' colors are fading

Kites are rising all around

Children resent the rain

Great scary ghostly spook at Halloween

frightens children anyway

Halfhearted a storm is touching the house

no one wants to go outside

boldly the forest resists the wind

Frau Holle makes the bed(*) in a hurry

(*) Grim fairy tale where 'Frau Holle' making the bed causes snow on the earth.

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