Sunday, July 20, 2008

Do you need to be young to have faith?

I listened to an African pastor speak today. He told the story of a young man who heard God call him to go to Bible school in America. He did not know where the school was,he just knew to go. He got a ticket and boarded an airplane. He had no money and no visa. When he arrived in the USA they asked him where he was going and if he had a visa. All he could say was that God told him to come. They put him in jail. When he was in jail he prayed a very passionate prayer. This prayer was heard by a guard who was a Christian. The guard called his pastor. He said pastor, if you can find a place for this man in a Bible school (and pay for the school) I can get him a visa. So the pastor found a school and the guard found a visa, and the young man stepped into his destiny. How did it happen? He followed the voice of God and he did not ask how. The only direction he needed was go. He heard go, and he totally trusted God to meet the need. I use to have faith like this when I was young. Tomorrow I go with Jessica and Nicole to America. I am seeking healing for Jessica. I want to know how...God wants me to just trust him. He tells me to just go. God give me the faith to just go.

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