Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The real Disney story

Jess was a mess. She had jet lag so bad & only wanted to stay in our room. My arms are covered with bruises from trying to drag her out of her hole! We went to Disneyland at around noon. The first thing we did is have lunch. The lunch was very nice. After lunch Jess was falling apart so I brought her back to the hotel for a few hours. She did not sleep, but rested. then I dragged her back to Disneyland. I made her ride a ride. She liked it, so we did a few more rides. I even took her on splash Mountain. She actually liked it. At around 6 pm she started to really fall asleep. We slowly made our way to the car. Donna, Cindy, and Nicole stayed an extra hour and Jess slept in the car. I had a good time praying. we drove back to the hotel, and went to bed by 10pm. Jess slept half the night. She got up and wanted to play on her DVD player. I said no. She slept sitting in her chair until 7am.

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Life in Lewisburg said...

I love Jessica's video.
Love, Shelley