Thursday, July 24, 2008

In San Diego

Jess is basically her normal self. She does not want to go anywhere. She wants to sit on the sofa and play with here DVD player. She did sleep well last night. She slept until 5:30 am. That's pretty good! She does want to tear paper, but so far she has only torn up one magazine I gave her (not Cindy"s books). If fact she is being a very good girl. She is not digging into stuff. She is also very sweet and happy. We shopped for Nicole's stuff yesterday. Then we gave Jess down time. She is also getting down time today. Tomorrow we are going to Sea World. Hopefully Jess will be ready to get out of the house. Tonight I am taking her to the healing room for prayer. I am believing God for a progressive work. I feel God has done a good thing in Jess as a result of the prayers of our Elders. She is super calm & full of joy. She handled the trip very well so far. When I think about it, I have never seen her so good. Yes, I think God has begun a work in her!

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