Sunday, July 13, 2008

The end my fast

I broke my 10 day fast today. First I went to church and prayed with Christian who is an elder in the church. I wanted all the elders to pray for Jessica, but they want to schedule an extended time to do that. I'm not sure Jess will really allow anyone to pray for her for any extended time. I'm not sure it's necessary for a prayer to be long in order for it to be effective. I felt sick physically, and basically felt I had fulfilled what I had set out to do in prayer. This is why I broke my fast. I feel I've done all I can do. Now I can pack for our trip. I wish I did not need to pack diapers, but I think I can not help it. I have to prepare to take Jessica just as she is. I'm very happy I'm taking her. I'm full of joy. Joy was one thing I prayed for. I feel so much joy! I am not going to worry about Jessica being healthy or autistic. I love her, and we will have a wonderful blessed time. At some point I hope God will heal my sweetheart. We will be going to the International house of prayer healing room on Friday the 25Th of July (God willing), and Reinhard Bonnke on July 26Th, and Todd Bentley on July26Th. Those are some pretty powerful opportunities to receive prayer. I will recieve whatever God wants to give us. I'm so open to receive from my good God.

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